Services & Prices

Everything Starts with a Free Consult

Before any private lessons or board and trains, start with a free consultation! This allows you to meet with a trainer either in person or virtually. We discuss the challenges you are facing, consider the behaviors you would like to teach and/or eliminate, and explore the ideas you have in mind. Using this information, we will solidify your training goals and create a plan for moving forward! 

Private Lesson Packages

After your free consultation, it’s time to get to work!

We have three different training options in order to best meet the needs of all of our unique clients- Puppy Preschool, Behavior Basics, and Behavior Modification. A trainer will come to you to complete your one-hour private lesson.

In each session, we will provide you with effective, efficient, and positive training techniques. You will also receive virtual support in between lessons. We want you to be able to consistently and confidently apply those tools when working with your pup for your many years of partnership to come.

Private lessons can be scheduled individually or in packages- we offer three, five, and ten lesson packages.

1 Lesson $120
3 Lessons$330
5 Lessons$540
10 Lessons$1,110
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Puppy Preschool

Essential Foundational Skills for Puppies Younger Than 6 Months Old

Bringing a new puppy into your home is a very exciting adventure! However, it is essential that training and socialization begin as soon as possible before any undesirable behaviors become routine. In our Puppy Preschool program, puppies will learn:

  • Crate training
  • Housebreaking (potty training)
  • Basic obedience (sit, down, stay, come, & kennel)
  • Loose leash walking
  • Socialization (exposure to the many sights, sounds, and smells the world has to offer to avoid future fears and frustrations)
  • Basic self-control around distractions
  • Polite greetings
  • General manners (no nipping/biting, jumping on people, furniture and counters, vocalizing, etc.)

Behavior Basics

For owners looking to advance their handling and leash skills or teach/improve upon their pup’s basic manners, look no farther. Our Behavior Basics program focuses on the following skills:

  • Crate training
  • House manners (not chewing up or stealing inappropriate objects, jumping up onto counters, furniture, etc., begging, bolting through doors, etc.)
  • Recall – coming when called
  • Basic obedience (speedy response times and duration of sit, down, stay, heel, place, & kennel cues)
  • Loose leash walking and other on-leash manners
  • Socialization (exposure to the many sights, sounds, and smells to world has to offer)
  • Impulse control around distractions
  • Polite greetings

Behavior Modification

This program is designed for owners who are experiencing negative behaviors which they would like to eliminate from their day-to-day lives. Such behaviors might include (but are not limited to):

  • Pulling and lunging while walking on leash
  • Jumping up onto and mouthing/nipping guests during greetings
  • Bolting through doors
  • Jumping up onto counters, stealing food and/or other inappropriate objects, destroying household belongings, and any other negative behaviors while in the home
  • Not coming when called
  • Begging for human food while people are eating
  • Aversion to wearing their harness, collar, life vest, etc.
  • Sensitivity to having their nails trimmed, ears cleaned, medications applied, etc.
  • Vocalizing

Board & Train

Board & Train is an opportunity in which your pup can stay with one of our trainers in order to work towards the accomplishment of your training goals.

While living with a trainer, your pup will complete multiple training sessions each day in a home environment optimized for success.

When your dog comes to us, we will supply all equipment needed for training. We know you will miss your dog while they’re away. No worries! We will send you pictures and videos daily to keep you looped in on their progress.

At the conclusion of your dog’s stay, we will complete a private lesson in your home to help the new expectations, boundaries, and behaviors translate. Additionally, you will receive virtual follow-up and support.

Board & Trains can last seven, fourteen, twenty-one, or twenty-eight nights in length.

2 Nights/Weekend Stay$400
7 Nights$1,050
14 Nights$1,875
21 Nights$2,850
28 Nights$3,775

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My dog used to pull and lunge nonstop when I would take her on walks. I tried everything from an 8-collar, gentle leader, martingale, and chain collar. Through Donna’s use of high value treats and her timing of positive reinforcement, I can now take her out anywhere in just her regular collar!

— Kristine L. & Cannoli